How many times do business coaches ask you that? - With a keen focus on business goals and SMART objectives? Groan, groan. We do get to that…buuuut…here at Build Your Business Training, we do things differently. We want to know ‘What’s Your Why?’ 
The point is, in order to successfully launch, develop and grow your business, you’re going to need commitment, energy and stamina. A keen focus on your reasons for setting up in the first place will keep you going when times get tough. 
You need to identify: 
Why are you setting up your own business? 
What do you want to achieve? (please, please, please don’t make this about money!) 
What’s your purpose? 
Because, when you have purpose, you have clarity. 
Clarity leads to faster decision making. 
When you make faster decisions, you're often the ‘first’ (– that puts you ahead!) 
When you're the first, you have the best choices. 
When you have the best choices, you have the opportunity for the best experience. 
Join us on our Business Bootcamp in which you will identify your why, nail your pitch and write your business plan! 
Build Your Business Training: Elevating Your Thinking, Crowning Your Dreams. 
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