One size does not fit all. Some of the large franchise coaching businesses have a great reputation. They are excellent people, doing excellent things. However, they don’t suit everyone. You need a business coach who ‘gets you!’ One that totally understands where you are now and where you want to be. We don’t all start off in the same place or You have to find the right ‘fit’. 
Be very wary of someone who immediately says they can coach you. Ask them about their experience. Ask them why they want to work with you. Find out if they’re truly interested in your business idea or just want to make some money out of you (there’s loads of those people around!) Think: Dragons Den. The entrepreneurs go into the Den with a pitch. Some have a fixed idea of who they’d like to work with. Some just hope that ‘someone’ will invest. However, look at the reactions when there are a couple of Dragon offers. Suddenly, the entrepreneur has a choice to make. They then start to ask all of the intelligent questions: What will you do for me? How can your experience help? How will your network of contacts help me? What more are you prepared to do for me? 
So, why do you need one? 
1) Most people are passionate about their business idea and vision – but they lack the ‘know how’ to get them there. You need someone to guide you and ensure you take action to achieve your goals 
2) Many business owners lose a bit of momentum. The going gets tough (it just does! - for everyone, get over it!) and things take a nosedive in 1 of 2 directions: stress or apathy. At this stage, people cave in. You need someone to keep you resilient and on track 
3) Some people are sole traders or limited companies running as a single director. It can be a lonely place. There’s no-one to bounce ideas from. They turn to their networking groups, but those people are honestly struggling to help themselves in their own businesses. They don’t have the vested time to ‘waste’ in someone else’s. You need someone who will listen and offer helpful suggestions 
4) You lose the ability to challenge yourself. You stop growing your business and it starts to stagnate. You need a prod. You need someone who can challenge you to re-focus, raise your game and maintain your satisfaction 
5) You need someone who can provide a dispassionate approach about you, your mindset, your business and your development – in a passionate way. Think about that for a moment… 
6) You often need a different perspective. Getting ‘stuck’ on an issue can be paralysing. You will benefit from committing to and communicating your next step 
7) A coach helps you improve your performance and ensures you take responsibility for your actions, and failures and ultimately, your success 
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