This really is an essential and unique day for all buyers of an existing business or a franchise. Before you part with your hard earned savings, redundancy payment, inheritance or take out a loan or remortgage your house to buy an existing business particuarly a "business in a box" you need to join us at this workshop. For example do you know: 
What you will be getting for your money? 
Do you know what liablities you are taking on?  
Do you know you may be putting your home at risk? 
Will you be getting the customer list? 
What equipment is excluded? 
Probably not, because how to buy a business and check it out is usually the preserve of accountants, solicitors and expensive business consultants. Until now that is, Harriet is a qualified solicitor who practised for over 20 years, she is no longer a practising solicitor instead she is lifting the lid on the jargon and will cover in one day and invaluable guide to buying an existing business or a franchise. You will still need a good accountant and you may need still need a solicitor. The difference is that you will be approaching the purchase from a place of knowledge armed with essential information to ask the right questions. This one day workshop pays for it's self in saved money, professional fees, heartache, time and stress. 
An essential and unique day for all buyers of an existing business or a franchise. It really is a case of right now "you don't know what you don't know" but at the end of this day you will know 
How to go about starting a small business 
Is starting a business a good idea and is it worth it? 
Is self employment for you? 
Where to start and what does it take to run a small business  
Running a business from home 
When starting a business what are the first step 
You will receive your Build Your Business "Buying a Business Action Plan" and "Buying a Business Check lists" 
The pro's and cons of buying a business 
What questions to ask the Seller 
How to structure the purchase 
How to assess the viability of the business 

£249 per person   

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We will focus in this one day group workshop on: 

What you need to know before you make a decision to buy an existing business 
Options as to how to structure the deal 
Buying a Franchise v an existing business v starting your own business 
Casting an eye over the efficiency and productivity of a business 
Questions to ask the business owner 
What liabilities are you taking on? 
Identifying problems and red flags 
Considering the required outcome 
Buying the assets or the company 
Where to trade from - home or premises 
What professional help you will need 

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